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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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all the charges.
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with its revolutionary telling. with twenty four hour news from russia and from around the world this is r.t. in moscow good to have you with us russian businessman vic to boot has gone before a u.s. federal court for the first time just a day after being extradited from time and during a brief appearance he was told the list of challenges he's facing dealt the merchant of death for allegedly trafficking weapons around the world he'll go on trial of allegations he own terrorists moscow says the decision to hand him over to the u.s. is extreme injustice and promised to support him by all means but it is being held in a high security prison in new york the report brings us the latest. shortly before mr boot appeared before that federal judge u.s. prosecutors had held
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a press conference in lower manhattan outlining detailing all the charges against the picture but now stands charged in this district the southern district of new york with four charges. one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use and acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark and at the beginning of this press conference the u.s. attorney. as the so-called merchant of death and then the u.s. attorney proceeded to paint a picture of mr booth as a man who sided with violence sided with war armed very dangerous people and was very aggressive and planned to be aggressive against u.s. officials u.s. employees. and he concluded the press conference with saying he wanted to remind
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everyone that victor is innocent until proven guilty and he will receive a fair trial so after quite. ugly picture of one man who hasn't been able to really address the press at all yet in the u.s. and most likely will not be the u.s. attorney said but he's innocent until proven guilty guilty so lots of mixed messages there but there are many experts believe that the real reason victor boot is someone that the u.s. has been so aggressively pursuing for this action titian is because mr boot is a former soviet military officer with what some people believe has extensive top intelligence possibly and some believe that is what u.s. officials are really after. he was there truly and will. do it to dealings.
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with. for we know basically. bringing him to the united states has called. this a grave injustice they believe that that is prompted by on precedented political pressure that the u.s. has put on the government of thailand because in about four days before this actually addition took place. was going to expire victor boots extradition moscow russian officials were not notified all citizen of their country was being extradited from from bangkok and taken to new york new york city many russian officials say that they were essentially blindsided this move was illegal we saw victor boot. being taken upon a u.s. charter jet surrounded by dozens and dozens of u.s.
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marshals you know nobody was really informed nobody that was closest to victor was informed not his lawyer and not his wife she believes that our husband was kidnapped like an item off the shelf. what happened to two and expected to both myself and. the thai cabinet how the crew. was made to extradite my husband the extradition to the east against the new laws of the country the only move that exists in thailand is u.s. influence we are just waiting to see when victor boot will be back in court before a judge what the next moves will be by u.s. prosecutors but obviously this story does not end today. reports. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has called on the senate to approve a key deal between moscow and washington before the end of the year republicans who made significant gains in the midterm election have been stalling the ratification of the strategic arms reduction treaty that's a blow to the obama administration who made the weapons agreement one of its top
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priorities he's going to has more now from washington. it's getting pretty tense here the informal republican leader on the new start senator jon kyl said the treaty should not be considered until next year he is saying there are other important things for the senate to talk about the economy and that's bad news for the treaty the administration is making a last ditch effort to appeal to mr secretary of state hillary clinton defense secretary robert gates the leading security experts in the country they're all saying the failure to pass the new start treaty this year would endanger the u.s. national security they give two reasons for that first americans can no longer track russia's strategic nuclear arsenal the other main reason is that weakening cooperation with the russia's that could follow if the new start treaty is not in place joe biden and hillary clinton made it clear that the new start treaty is the centerpiece of obama's reset of relations with russia a policy that the administration credits with producing critical cooperation from
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moscow on of danny stan and he ran here's what he said for anyone to see that we can't postpone or we can avoid it is three vastly underestimating the continuing. that is posed to our country so we hope our our friends in the senate will bring this past history and then i can. inform the russians that it's now their you know their turn to do the same which they told us they intend to do many believe what's on the line now is the well advertised reset and not ratifying the treaty could put the leaders of cooperation plans on ice a lot of observers say that for many on capitol hill the fight is not about the content of the trade rather about scoring political points the republicans already said their number one priority will be to have a bomb aboard and out of office in two thousand and twelve so for many capitol hill
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observers the whole debate on stark now comes down to this question will some republican senators. sacrifice a landmark his story he'll just for the sake of denying obama his arguably the biggest foreign policy achievement tradeable cut nuclear arsenals of both russia and the u.s. by a third it's meant to increase the level of trust and cooperation between the two nuclear superpowers well kate hudson from the campaign for nuclear disarmament told me earlier that nuclear weapons of too important an issue to be made a pawn in political games we were among the many people around the world who really welcomed president obama's speech in prague where he outlined his vision of a world without nuclear weapons and of course a vision which president medvedev shares and i think it's absolutely reprehensible if senators in the u.s. congress are obstructing the passing of this very important treaty the new start
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treaty for party political point scoring reasons i think this is far too important on a global scale for them to stand in the way like this many people globally including i should say former cold warriors people like henry kissinger and george schultz many other leaders across the world now believe that it is just too jane shuras to have nuclear weapons and that is the trend that is taking place in the world towards disarmament and away from nuclear weapons and that is the trend which the u.s. senate and the u.s. congress should be going along with and following the leadership of their president . the slovenian president nato needs russia's help to move forward he was speaking ahead of the united states summit in portugal where world leaders are expected to unveil a new strategy for the alliance they needed to tells r.t. that to meet up with moscow is an important step in the cheating that. nato has to change and nato is in a search for a mission for a long time after the ending of cold war the legitimate question was if nato is
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necessary at all but the mission was never completely defined and i think that it cannot be confidently defined without a true partnership with russia and we don't have a cold war in the war and we have to figure out what to do this new partnership means and i think that in lisbon in the coming days we should come closer to that definition. to find out what else these living in president has to say about nato as well as the e.u. in just over an hour from now here on r.t. we must in ahead in the program for you right now a ticket to the moon four decades ago the soviet union guided ten bucks into orbit to explore the lunar surface a revolution in space. i'd also be looking at how russian gas john gazprom is making sure it stays top dog when it comes to keeping europe warm that's in business news in about ten minutes from the.
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library and mother did not write with her because. she was afraid. and she was very cool. she felt. i was frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem. every body. is i'm a. i'm the palestinian or the european saudi to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the cowards so long as you have no you're calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be 0.
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asli examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture labyrinth and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. wealthy british style. is not on the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza report on our.
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britain says it's ready to help debt hit hard and with billions of pounds of direct loans at a meeting of european finance ministers chancellor george osborne says it's in britain's interest to support their closest neighbor the meeting comes amid fresh market turmoil and fears that some smaller economies like portugal and ireland are unable to service their massive debts the president will the eurozone is actually facing a fight to survive and even though one and two so far rejected and he helped lead a london based investor says dublin may have little turnitin but to take the money . i don't think we're really in it in a position of of much choice because clearly it's a sort of rock an odd place scenario and the short term expediency of bail out so it's better than the. bondholders all immediate reactions of the situation but just you know you what you want to keep an eye on the fact that one country after another appears to be on
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a slow roast in terms of news flow in in terms of word the way the markets looking at this but my guess would be it's likely to be a short situation for island because i believe that they will be forced to take bailout money and that will put them back probably bar in portugal in terms of the country being looked at most closely but one thing that i would flag up is the difference between the euro zone and the u.k. and the u.s. . is effectively germany and the reason i bring that up is because the ability to bail out and use course to be using for a better phrase is more difficult in europe because the germans are much more sensitive due to residual memory of what happened with hyperinflation so i think you know the whole picture must be borne in mind the germans are driving the bus they are the most powerful nation in the union and i think that the ability for them to broad open ended bailouts is a lot more complicated than it is. elsewhere in the world. what more all of our
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stories are available to is available she said r.t. don't call it online all the time a website has a taste of what else you'll find there right now on extreme situation christians in israel are caught in the crossfire between jews and muslims as they get targeted by radicals. plus russian police detain two teenagers suspected of killing a man by throwing a cog wheel from the tenth floor of an apartment for more than our store and other features and plenty of other articles had to. come. time now for some other world news at this stage of the day clashes have been discriminated testers and police in greece with fifty arrested and one injured near the american embassy it happened as more than twenty thousand people commemorating a nine hundred seventy student uprising against the military dictatorship at the time protesters were venting their anger at the u.s. support for the hunter which then the greens. germany has stepped up security at
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airports and train stations across the country after receiving intelligence of a possible terror plot interior minister said he had received details about an attack planned for the end of this month comes after german security forces intercepted a mail bomb sent from yemen last month. an explosion in garza's left one person dead and four others injured and still not yet clear what caused the blast but there are some reports it may have been an israeli strike there's been no response so far apart in time for. it's raining a trip. to the u.k. now and heavy rain across the southwest coast of england has caused flooding and landslides that happened in the county of call more with some people trapped in their cars and houses train services in and out of the region are suspended after a mudslide blocked the line main roads are closed. the russians may not have sent a man to the moon but on this day forty years ago the soviet union guided the first unmanned rover to the earth's closest neighbor the automatic remote control robots also known as lunar tanks roamed the moon surface revolutionizing space exploration
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and what is more if an ocean has more or less back in the one nine hundred sixty s. the lice were on day and night within these walls the soviet union had come up with a plan to send an unmanned rover to the moon but the question was how would it move around their families surface once it got there the solution was finally found at the institute when you. first we wanted to use caterpillars we used to make turnings and we loved tanks but it became clear that wheels were more reliable caterpillars could get stuck it would ruin the whole mission and we couldn't afford to make a mistake. luna had one popularly known as the lunar tank was the first ever remote controlled berbera to land another celestial body initially slated for a three month mission it will the lunar surface for eleven months during this time
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it traveled more than ten kilometers taken over twenty thousand images including sound with its own footprints every lunar morning once in twenty eight days when the sun's rays touch the lunar hold solar panel it would wake up beep. a lonely sound in a silent world and set off on you adventure. exactly way to it had it was decided far away at the mission control center in the crimea. just left of going to was one of the five mammal and her team which also included and navigator and ten operator and two engineers snoo my argument luna hoods camera film the moon surface and send black and white pictures back to earth with a delay of more than twenty seconds so we had to judge the situation using this picture or luna hard stood still we got basic info on what was going on outside stones the course of movement craters and other such things after that the dr would
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choose the next step what moment. the first steps were difficult but in time it seems the team's work became more creative. once on women's day we wanted to get our wives flowers but we didn't have time there was so much work so our navigator suggested drawing a flower like shape on the moon with the rover and we present the women with the pictures he even told journalists that you could see the shape through a telescope but of course that wasn't true. never get a boner. after sending his last pictures back to earth the luna hold finally stopped in its tracks it's still there to these day but the little rovers tabs were a giant leap for mankind and the tracks it left on the moon surface will forever remain a trail blazed for future explorers. we look forward to checking out the lunar soil poll in areas which were only explored during the soviet era we know that water
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based on samples were found we hope that one day they will allow us to set up an inhabited lunar base. back in the nine hundred sixty is the do you suppose our us were sending both people machines to the stars or back with only one go to outdo each other billions of dollars spent in the race to leave one another behind decades on it's all different for form flying pace now united nations against the big go go they go together where no one has gone before. there is no. more thing petersburg. sixty five years since the end of world war two the efforts of veterans are still regarded with huge gratitude and pride but for some painful memories from the past continue to cast a shadow. so many years of. former prisoners. still in law. as well.
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as so many years of. summer the desire to save. others take their execution. for just. so many years of. memory. as well. as. great. you can see that full report from now on. when i was less than ten minutes you can join peter lavelle in cross talk but up next all the business news with shirin stay with us for that. hello welcome to the business news i'm sure on a key on the russian government has approved this privatization plan for two
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thousand and eleven to two thousand and thirteen the asset sales are expected to raise as much as three hundred thirty billion dollars the ministry of economic development of you know not be able to explain the purpose of the program. and the key difference of the plan for twenty eleven two thousand and thirteen is of course it's large scale character the aim of such a privatization program is not only to bring additional funds to the state budget even though that's of high importance our key task is to encourage investment into companies. the european union wants to liberalize its gas market and make it easier for independent producers to access the pipeline that work for gas prompting the world's largest producer may no longer be enough to guarantee its dominance of the market nick pool reports. last year gazprom sales to europe fell about twelve percent due to the financial downturn demand is now recovering but at the same time the russian gas monopoly is facing stiffer competition the european union favors diversity in the gas market and wants to liberalize the transportation networks
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should dislike the idea but some experts believe there is little to fear but the price market's means to. come into the market to continue but he spoke to the market i think in this is in favor of gas probably because they are the big formal to supply you know they have also the chance to add to that or to the market that will take us some of that today but it has to because. i think there's a good development for europe this selling forestation is also called to trust in the customers too because gazprom is facing increased competition in europe particularly from alternative sources of gas production energy may just such a show which traditionally focus on oil production and now paying more attention to developing their gas businesses i can originate the fact that their share of gas revenues and the total structure total revenue structure of. oil and gas majors global made for setting is increasing while oil revenue share is decreasing
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actually the main competition for gazprom in europe crowd is not. willing to pay for so themselves a counsellor from cattaro and she producers for african and gas producers gazprom is not unaware of the problems it faces in europe and its believe it needs to be more flexible in its pricing and long term contracts something the company is reluctant to do for the moment instead it's focusing on diversifying its customer base in the fast growing markets of asia india. business altie. three no nissan alliance is considering building a second vehicle assembly factory in russia's far east the company can't keep up with going to mad and will face a production shortfall of two hundred thousand. cars by two thousand and fifteen the new plants will not only help to cover the deficit but also have transport costs currently it takes about forty days to bring spare parts by sea from japan to reno nissan's plant in the st petersburg region.
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and here in moscow markets closed in black on wednesday that my sex was half a percent higher most blue chips were off bucking the trend for gas and was hydro. but around the world markets remain under pressure amid concerns over european debt and the threat that chinese authorities may raise rates to slow their economy mark rubenstein from metropole explains. we saw the chinese c.p.i. inflation coming point four percent month so months in october which is a very high reading and and these. certainly is the cause of concern for international investors chinese. prime minister and said that the chinese government might introduce some additional measures to restrain inflation so that's number one and then of course number two as being they're growing more is about the
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situation arland in an irish banking sector in the country itself the debt position that it is commonly in is a cause for concern to investors of course are what i expect in the near future is that there are a eurozone members will come up with this some sort of a package for roland and ireland will have to accept it but will agree to us after that and that could certainly trigger a quite strong rebound for the euro and for the markets themselves because another factor that has been pressuring the markets he is there a stronger dollar or rather we can in europe which of course is there a consequence of that situation with our own and the russian government is imposing a ten percent exploit duty on copper the new tariff will come into effect in the middle of december the finance ministry estimates the change will bring in additional three hundred million dollars to the state budget next year on the global market the price of copper is down for
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a second day that's amid concerns chinese authorities will take action to slow their economy china is the world's top copper buyer. and that's all the news for now but you can always find more stories on our web site that's r t dot com slash business. all. culture is the same of you i can tell you that you love her enormous almost all foreign stuff the difference of the nato this military alliance is in search of
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a mission can nato remain relevant facing twenty first. for your convenience are comfortable shuttle bus will take you to the small. just a few hours observing the margin forest and scaring the most current mirrors in your direction. on the move. craters. scorching soil and toward there are included. a photo with the wild of the lunar rover for free.


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